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Hotel industry has been passing through a rough period for last few years in Pakistan. Tourism is being considered the main component of the hospitality industry and with the dramatic downfall of this segment in Pakistan the ever shaky hospitality industry is on the verge of complete destruction. North West Frontier Post is the land of Pathans and famous for its hospitality in the world. This image also reflects in the hospitality industry

in NWFP. Peshawar being the provincial capital has played a major role in the efforts to reestablish this hotel industry in NWFP. With the downfall of the tourism in Pakistan Business sector has become the strongest component of hotel industry. Peshawar being the center provisional capital is the center of all business activities. SS Club offers its exclusive services to the business community with quality meeting facility with all the modern equipments. Our mission is to provide best hospitality services to our clients. Kindly send your feed back to help us improving our services.

Warm regards,

Shahid Iqbal

Managing Director

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